SignIn With Decentralised Identity
Decentralised identity is the Sign In With Google equivalent for the physical world, except you are in control of your data.

Tokenization of Assets — powering a sharing economy
The concept of asset tokenization is particularly important in today’s sharing economy — we rent out homes on Airbnb and can earn money using our cars on Uber.

Mozilla Festival 2018 — My Experience
I got a chance to attend the Mozilla Festival 2018 and it was a great learning experience. Mozilla Festival or MozFest, brings together coders, journalists, teachers, hackers — anyone and everyone working towards a healthier internet.

The heroes of our time
Everyone has a hero. But the closer you look, their heroism and lustre fades away to reveal an individual who had to make false promises and cut corners to achieve the heroic feat.

Blockchain and GDPR
Blockchain technology thrives on transparency and immutability, both of which seem directly opposite to user data privacy. The workaround however has some major drawbacks, it goes against all the principles that blockchain stands for

Blockchain Technology and Cross Border Trade
Globalisation and cross-border trade is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. With the advent of blockchain technology, its time to revisit the process of cross-border trade.

Blockchain : the good, bad and ugly
Many people (and entire companies) use the word blockchain to imply some magical solution that ensures their data will never be wrong and that all stakeholders can conduct smooth transactions. Well, such a device does not exist, in the real world it does not.